Felicia Miranda
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Felicia Miranda is a small-time writer and social media geek hailing from Hartford, Connecticut - a halfway point between the Boston and New York metropolitan areas. It was in this seemingly drab city where she discovered her love for geek culture. Video games have been an integral part of her life from shootin` down birds in Duck Hunt on the NES to slaying the hollow on PS3 in Dead Souls 2. She's now editor in chief for the video game site wtfgamersonly and couldn't be happier with the group of people she gets to work with every day! She's currently pursuing a degree in Computer Programming & Technology. Her choice in major is attributed greatly from her passion for indie games and tech development. A few of her passions aside from games and writing include anime, animals (especially the neko & usagi), comics, cosplay, traveling and all things uber kawaii. Her upcoming projects will focus on upcoming game releases, convention coverage, cosplay, and technology reveals.