Beauty And The Beast Updates

Beauty And The Beast Updates

On the first day of New Years, movie news brought to me Fullmetal Alchemist updates. On the second day of New Years, movie news brought to me new details about Beauty and the Beast. If March 17th still seems too far away, there is a new TV Spot for you and Disney fans everywhere.

Now that we are only three months out from the release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we are starting to get a very clear picture of what to expect. The cast: Set. The Dress: Worn. New TV Spot: Out.

I am forcibly holding in my screams.


But, as always, it would be rather silly of me if I didn’t give you more than just this short, little ad. Since my last article about Belle and her adventures, it has been confirmed that this is a re-telling of the Disney classic. That early rumors about new songs were true, but we will also see the return of some fan favorites. Which include “Something There,” one of the original 1991 songs, re-recorded by Emma Watson, our leading lady.



Although no other videos like the one above have been released yet, it has been stated that this is not the only song making a reappearance. I just hope “Gaston” is in the new film. I realize “Be Our Guest” and “Tale As Old As Time” are more iconic scores…but God if I don’t love singing along with LeFou about how masculine Gaston is. He may be self-absorbed and egotistical, but he has a theme song.


It will certainly be exciting to see the contemporary piece after growing up with the animated version. Between the design, the actors, and just thinking about Beast’s transformation at the end…I am so ready. March, bring me this movie as soon as possible, k thanks!

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