Ben Affleck Directing The Next Batman

Ben Affleck Directing The Next Batman

Amidst all the rumors of Affleck stepping down if this next stand alone Batman script wasn’t impressive comes a confirmation from the man himself. That’s right, Ben Affleck is not only The Night. He will be directing it too.

Man, DC news has been crazy right? Between the horrible backlash from fans after Batman vs. Superman to the…meh reviews of Suicide Squad, I feel like just watching Warner Bros. flail about has been a cinematic adventure on its own. Sorry WB. I’ve enjoyed the ride, though.

But let’s get down to the juicy bits. Affleck, who all of you should know is our new Batman, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new movie, Live By Night as well as Justice League and now “his” Batman.



In my humble opinion, this might be a good thing. Rumors had been floating around that Ben would hang up his mask and cape for good if he didn’t like what The Batman (the new film’s temporary title) was going to bring. So that he IS staying on now to write and direct the project could mean that it’s turning out okay.

But yes, I said “okay”. The DC Extended Universe hasn’t received any love or praise as of late. And little to nothing is being said about Justice League, everyone choosing to focus on Wonder Woman instead. Now, we could spin what if’s and why’s forever with these movies that aren’t out yet, but I think it speaks volumes that one movie is being favored over the other already. We could say it’s because, oh my god, yes, FINALLY a girl superhero movie! Or…that maybe one is already better than the other?

Either way, maybe this is the jump start The Batman franchise (And DC itself) needs. To shake things up, violently if necessary. At some point, these movies need to get better right? Right?

What are your thoughts about Ben Affleck directing The Batman? Let us know!



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