Let’s Talk Star Wars Comics: Kanan

It has been two years since Marvel Comics has been publishing new Star Wars comics that fall in line with the new canon of Star Wars. For those unaware, after the acquisition of the Star Wars license by Disney, all stories of the series aside from the initial 6 films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars were considered non-canon. Since then, new stories in terms of books, shows, and movies have been produced to be the official continuations. Among these is an animated series called Star Wars Rebels, which is set 5 years before the events of the original film. The main character is a surviving Jedi by the name of Kanan Jarrus. The show follows him, and a group of five other rebels, fighting back as best they can against the empire. However, I am not here to discuss the show.

As of late last year, I was pleased to pick up some of the issues of Marvel’s new Star Wars comics. Among these, was the mini-series, Star Wars Kanan. This mini-series is set during the end of the Clone Wars. We see the titular character during his younger days, showing how he became the man we see in Rebels. Today, I will explain a little about this series.Read moreLet’s Talk Star Wars Comics: Kanan

Wretches Issue #2 Is Up On Kickstarter

Not too long ago, a quirky little Indie comic came out by the title of Wretches. I had nothing but praise for this unique and fun title, and Issue #2 is finally up on Kickstarter. Brilliant artwork and a compelling story are a continued promise as we resume the story of Shea and Sean and the battle between Humans and Robots. Keep reading to check out a preview of Issue #2, what the comic is all about and see what those lovely Kickstarter rewards are.Read moreWretches Issue #2 Is Up On Kickstarter

Review: Wretches: Issue #1 – A New Comic To Satisfy Your Scifi Needs

A promise… The simplest way to shut somebody up.” Wretches Issue #1 is the way to introduce a comic book series. This new Kickstarter funded comic by writer James. E. Roche takes a look at the constant struggle between sentient Robots and the Humans they’ve turned on, while focusing on the relationship of two siblings Shea and Sean who traverse this world as bounty hunters who can only count on one another. Check out my review for Issue #1 of Wretches.


Read moreReview: Wretches: Issue #1 – A New Comic To Satisfy Your Scifi Needs

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