Play Final Fantasy XV Missions Online With Your Amazon Pre-Order

Is the wait for Final Fantasy XV slowly killing you? Do you want to see more of the action right now? Have you been waiting for a way to interact with the game in some form or fashion? Do you like exclusive DLC? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the Final Fantasy XV missions presented by Amazon are the perfect tool to tide you over until November 29th. If you pre-order FFXV through Amazon, you’ll get access to the Final Fantasy XV Amazon Roadtrip, presented by Amazon. Keep reading to check out more details from the FFXV Amazon event. Read morePlay Final Fantasy XV Missions Online With Your Amazon Pre-Order

Sora Is Making His Way To World Of Final Fantasy

Everyone knows I’m so excited about World of Final Fantasy. As a Final Fantasy fan, I’ve been delving hours into the game and I haven’t looked back. It’s a ton of fun. What could make the title even more fun though? The addition of even more of my favorite characters making surprise appearances. The latest addition to World of Final Fantasy is the Keyblade Master himself, Sora. Read moreSora Is Making His Way To World Of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV : Online Multiplayer, New CGI Trailer & More

The long awaited Final Fantasy XV has finally completed its development. This of course comse with the reveal that Final Fantasy XV has gone gold. Square Enix announced the news today, and to celebrate released a slew of news to celebrate the completion of the next big RPG in the Final Fantasy series. We’ve received a new CG cinematic trailer, and news on post game content and DLC. The most exciting news being the forthcoming post-launch DLC that will add online multiplayer to the title. Keep reading for more information on what we can expect after we finish Final Fantasy XV.Read moreFinal Fantasy XV : Online Multiplayer, New CGI Trailer & More

Overwatch Halloween Event Begins Now!

Blizzard has once again outdone themselves. ‘Tis the season to be frightful, and the latest Overwatch update keeps the frights just right. In what is the best Brawl to date, and with some of the coolest loot, this Halloween is quickly becoming my favorite Overwatch event. Check out why I’m frightfully excited below!

Read moreOverwatch Halloween Event Begins Now!

Sims 4 City Living

With it being a little over two years since Sims 4 has come out, fans can look forward to a new, paid expansion for the base game: Sims 4 City Living. And let me tell you, I’m so on board.

Read moreSims 4 City Living

Overwatch 2016 Summer Games Are Here

Overwatch 2016 Summer Games Are Here!

As if Blizzard couldn’t get any cooler, they’ve decided to release a great Olympic’s themed Brawl with the Overwatch Summer Games 2016. It’s an Overwatch summer celebration and it looks like a ton of fun. Expect summer Olympics themed loot boxes and over 100 collectibles for this new seasonal event. Not only that, but the weekly brawl has been updated with Lucioball, an all new Summer Games inspired activity similar to Soccer and Rocket League. Check out the trailer and more details below because the Overwatch 2016 Summer Games begin TODAY!Read moreOverwatch 2016 Summer Games Are Here

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