Wretches Issue #2 Is Up On Kickstarter

Not too long ago, a quirky little Indie comic came out by the title of Wretches. I had nothing but praise for this unique and fun title, and Issue #2 is finally up on Kickstarter. Brilliant artwork and a compelling story are a continued promise as we resume the story of Shea and Sean and the battle between Humans and Robots. Keep reading to check out a preview of Issue #2, what the comic is all about and see what those lovely Kickstarter rewards are.Read moreWretches Issue #2 Is Up On Kickstarter

Movie Based On Firewatch Announced

Firewatch, one of my favorite games of 2016, is being made into a feature-length film. The first-person mystery-adventure game released early this year to positive reception. Campo Santo, the indie developer, announced via Twitter that the company is partnering up with Good Universe to bring Firewatch to the big screen.
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Bound Photo Contest Is Live

On August 16th, a new game by Plastic and Santa Monica Studio called Bound was released to the Playstation 4 and instantly received praise for its artistic design, gameplay mechanics, and it’s inventive, in-game photo mode that allows players to capture beautiful moments as they progress through the story. So it does not come as a surprise that the two companies are holding a photo competition for users to take advantage of this feature.

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#E32016: Magic Dance Mirror

This year at E3, while people check out the big name games and releases on the showroom floor, Indiecade allows independently developed games to share the spotlight, and for me, Magic Dance Mirror was one of the show-stopping games to check out.

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