Wolf Among Us – Episode 2 – Review


The fables and fairy tale characters of your childhood have grown up, and they have it bad.  And in Episode 2 of Wolf Among Us, we get a deeper look into just how bad it’s gotten.

With a death toll of one murder per day, Bigby is out for answers.  With this episode all about interrogations and questioning, it seems almost certain we’ll get closer to the identity of the culprit.  This episode felt like one of it’s more important aspects was dwindled to simply yes or no.  In every conversation, Bigby can either play nice, or just start beating people, well, almost every one of them.

In the entire episode you’re trying to piece together all the information from characters about what happened in the last episode.  Repeatedly you still catch the phrase “lips are sealed” as if someone has placed a spell on the people.  The magic mirror says it again if you take the time to speak with it (which you should do for a book of fable) and a girl named Narissa, i.e. the little mermaid says it as well.  Even Bigby is sick of hearing it by this point.


The interrogations are pretty predictable.  You either play nice, or you beat the crap out of them.  It’s how most conversations seem to go, whether you’re talking to someone you believe is innocent or not.  In a few sequences it also can open your eyes as to how some of the fables think of others of they’re kind.  And once you go through again in another campaign, the differences can be quite surprising.  Although, it gets pretty dull once you realize how you treat everyone around you doesn’t change the game much at all.  Of course there are dialogue differences.  The only way to see these differences is to play through the game multiple times, but that could potentially ruin a few aspects of the mystery in the game.

There’s also the little items you find throughout the game.  In episode 1 there were lots of things to pick up, and nothing to really do with them.  This time there are a few things to find, yet again, no real use.  Something I also noticed was all my items from the previous episode were no longer in my inventory.  This was a bit disappointing as I’d hoped some use would get made for them later in the episodes.


The brawls aren’t as fun either.  In episode 1 against the woodman, I was mashing away at buttons to try and keep up with what was happening, but this time around, it just lacked the intensity for me.  The more common fight for the episode is also much shorter.  At least you still get to break a few things.

This game is only Episode 2 for the series but honestly, it’s got a lot of making up to do in game play.  The story here is intriguing, and it’s interesting to see these characters in our world essentially, but it just feels fake.  I don’t find myself hoping Bigby will overcome his urges to just go wolf, I don’t even care about Bluebeard or a few other characters.  Some of them feel like they are just added in for the sake of a cameo.

Some of these new characters are incredibly irritating to listen to as well.  Like, I really just wanted to go big bad wolf style on them.  But, with these kind of games I’m a good guy, so I’ll let them yammer on like they know everything… for now.


I know it seems as though I regret this purchase, but it’s not all bad.  I still truly love the concept of this game.  We basically see how much our world has corrupted and ruined the lives of our long loved fairy tales.  And I still want to know what happens next.  I want to see how Bigby handles the next number one suspect, which I will not spoil; and it will leave you hanging.

I’m not feeling drawn in much yet.  I’m probably asking a lot of episode 3, but I really want to start seeing some dramatic change depending on choices.  I also want to start caring about Bigby.  Sure, he’s the main character and who you’re going through this story with, but he’s not really changing along with the story.  There’s no adaptation or really any emotion getting shown from him.  He’s beginning to seem pretty dull for a main character.

 And finally, I don’t want to wait four months for episode 3.


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.2 “Through the Maelstrom” First Look!

Time to get your feet wet WTFinal Fantasy fans. With the Maelstrom hitting hard at the end of the month in Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.2, it seems that a plenty of people will be swept overboard, will you be ready? People have been waiting for the chance to get back at Leviathan, and now this is their chance to slay that water beast. With a bunch of new content coming out, including new hard mode dungeons, extended side quests, more beast tribe quests, more end game raid content, and much, much more. Final Fantasy XIV looks very promising, especially when it is coming out for people who own the Playstation 4 around the same time as the new patch.

Fight your way through Eorzea with comrades you find along the way. Explore the new dungeons, venture into the unknown, see what this world has to offer. The beasts of Eorzea are on the rise, do not let them win, it is up to you and your party to stop them.


Can you and your party get “Through The Maelstrom”.

Portal 2 Review

Here is my first instalment of my new weekly video game review show on YouTube.

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