OVERWATCH – Jerel’s 2016 Game Of The Year

It’s been a long year, and an interesting one in gaming to say the least. There were so many titles released this year. Sadly, too many of those titles were misses or fell into the category of overhype and underwhelm. There’s one title though that I’ve been playing for 7 months since its release, almost daily. That game is of course Overwatch. Let’s just say there’s a reason Overwatch won Game of the Year and many other categories at the 2016 Video Game Awards.Read moreOVERWATCH – Jerel’s 2016 Game Of The Year

Pokemon Sun – Brandon’s 2016 Game Of The Year

Pokémon has been around for 20 years. With any franchise that lasts long, it can be difficult to make worthwhile improvements to the formula. In the past, the series has made some good changes, and some, less so. But with the 20th anniversary, Game Freak pulled out the stops. They made an entry in the series so great, that it has, in my opinion, surpassed the other games this year. Here’s why Pokémon Sun is my Game of the Year.Read morePokemon Sun – Brandon’s 2016 Game Of The Year

Why Leia Organa Is The Most Important Female Character

In these past few days, Carrie Fisher has been in the thoughts and prayers of many, both in life, and unfortunately, after her untimely death. Not only an extremely talented actress, but also a best-selling author and impassioned activist for mental health, she is a person many can look up to. However, more than many realize, she gave us girls growing up an even greater gift: Leia Organa.

Read moreWhy Leia Organa Is The Most Important Female Character

DOOM – Forbes 2016 Game of The Year

It’s very rare that shooters challenge the player into taking a completely different approach for gunning down their enemies. Shooters are one of the most prevalent genres in gaming including, fighting through World Wars, calling down titan-sized mechs, and blasting your way through hordes of enemies. Through all of this, we’ve embodied the same mechanics that go along with these tropes, taking cover behind walls, aiming for the head, and waiting behind cover while you play the cat-and-mouse game of health recharging.


Read moreDOOM – Forbes 2016 Game of The Year

Overwatch Queer Character Revealed

After months of waiting and speculation, Blizzard has finally revealed that their mascot character Tracer is the character the company has been alluding to as Queer. With the release of their latest comic book we not only get to see Tracer at home and celebrating the holiday season, we also get a glimpse into the lives of some of our other favorite heroes. Read moreOverwatch Queer Character Revealed

Pokémon Mini-Games Over The Years

Pokémon has endured a long time with its classic gameplay. But it hasn’t always been simply its core gameplay. Over the years, Pokémon has offered many side-quests in the form of mini-games. Today, I’m going to discuss the most notable mini-games in the main series of Pokémon games, from the originals, to the previous entries, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Read morePokémon Mini-Games Over The Years

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