How Overwatch Continues To Score

It’s no secret that I love Overwatch. It was my 2016 Game of the Year. Every new event that’s published has Overwatch creatives continuously giving us new ways to play the game. From 3V3 WoW style PvP to PvE and Capture the Flag becoming permanent, Overwatch events are a look into what Overwatch could have and how it continues to score players.Read moreHow Overwatch Continues To Score

WTFAreWePlaying: Pokémon, XCOM: Enemy Unknown & Bound

The weekend has come, and we are delving back into some gaming. When the weekday kicks your butt, you get back at life by kicking butt in gaming. While we haven’t all been able to get into competitive Overwatch together (dang time zones keep me away from playing with my Cali peeps) we’ve still been engaging in some much needed gaming sessions. I originally planned to play For Honor, but some things got into the way and I’ll be getting through Pokémon Moon instead. We’re also playing some more Bound and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Come check out what we’re doing and join us for the weekend. Read moreWTFAreWePlaying: Pokémon, XCOM: Enemy Unknown & Bound

#ThrowbackThursday: Love Me Like Tidus Loves Yuna

I know Valentines Day is over, but I love being in love and I can’t miss an opportunity to express how amazing love can be. Love has been expressed in so many ways and so many forms, but one of the most beautiful forms of developing love in a video game (which is the only reason I’m not writing about Yuuri on Ice because it’s an anime) is that of Final Fantasy X. No game shows the progression of a friendship that blossoms into a(n) (albeit doomed) relationship better than Final Fantasy X. Tidus and Yuna have far too many emotions packed on their journey, but their love for one another is apparent with each day they spend with together.Read more#ThrowbackThursday: Love Me Like Tidus Loves Yuna

Sarcastic Single Talks: Kingdom Hearts

So… Everyone loves Kingdom Hearts right? Sora and Kairi and Riku are the definition of friendship in so many ways. Arguably the entire series is about friendship. Unfortunately for someone in this little love triangle, love isn’t so evenly distributed. Will you be a Riku or a Kairi this Valentine’s Day for your Sora?Read moreSarcastic Single Talks: Kingdom Hearts

Sarcastic Single Talks: Persona 4

Finally! Valentine’s Day 2017! Time to throw Persona 5 into my…oh…oh wait. Never. Nevermind. Boy, that face when Persona 5 steals your heart on Valentine’s day. Just to shatter it into a million pieces on the floor-!

Uh, so why don’t we talk about Persona 4 for a bit, eh? That’s a real good game. Lots of love and friendship in that game too.

Read moreSarcastic Single Talks: Persona 4

Sarcastic Single Talks: Fable II

Ah, the week of Valentine’s Day is starting and I can already taste the cheap chocolate. But don’t worry! I don’t think this is my personal blog where I can have a glass of wine and a good time at the expense of losing followers by the morning because of some underserved rant. I actually want to pay tribute to some games that leave me feeling less alone around this love infested holiday. I’m going to start with an oldie but a goodie, Fable II.

Read moreSarcastic Single Talks: Fable II

OVERWATCH – Jerel’s 2016 Game Of The Year

It’s been a long year, and an interesting one in gaming to say the least. There were so many titles released this year. Sadly, too many of those titles were misses or fell into the category of overhype and underwhelm. There’s one title though that I’ve been playing for 7 months since its release, almost daily. That game is of course Overwatch. Let’s just say there’s a reason Overwatch won Game of the Year and many other categories at the 2016 Video Game Awards.Read moreOVERWATCH – Jerel’s 2016 Game Of The Year

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