Let’s Talk Star Wars Comics: Kanan

Let’s Talk Star Wars Comics: Kanan

It has been two years since Marvel Comics has been publishing new Star Wars comics that fall in line with the new canon of Star Wars. For those unaware, after the acquisition of the Star Wars license by Disney, all stories of the series aside from the initial 6 films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars were considered non-canon. Since then, new stories in terms of books, shows, and movies have been produced to be the official continuations. Among these is an animated series called Star Wars Rebels, which is set 5 years before the events of the original film. The main character is a surviving Jedi by the name of Kanan Jarrus. The show follows him, and a group of five other rebels, fighting back as best they can against the empire. However, I am not here to discuss the show.

As of late last year, I was pleased to pick up some of the issues of Marvel’s new Star Wars comics. Among these, was the mini-series, Star Wars Kanan. This mini-series is set during the end of the Clone Wars. We see the titular character during his younger days, showing how he became the man we see in Rebels. Today, I will explain a little about this series.

Kanan: The Last Padawan

star-wars-kanan-3-1The mini-series of Kanan is told through two separate story arcs. The first is Kanan The Last Padawan, and the second is Kanan First Blood, six issues for each arc. The storytelling of this series is unconventional. The story starts off in present day (present, as in present days during the events of Rebels), but the beginning of both arcs feature our protagonist reminiscing about events of his past. The Last Padawan arc shows his last battle as a Padawan…and before he even had the name Kanan.

Yes, the name “Kanan Jarrus” was in fact an alias he took upon to avoid detection by the empire. His real name is in fact Caleb Dume. The story ultimately shows the circumstances that would lead to his survival. What inspired the name Kanan? How did a young Jedi survive where most others fell? This arc tells a surprisingly heartfelt tale that answers this and more.

Kanan: First Blood

The first arc saw Caleb Dume’s final mission as a Padawan, while First Blood shows his very first mission as a Padawan. On the surface, this first mission does not appear to be relevant. But as it turns out, his first mission actually took place immediately before his last. Fans who read the last arc can look forward to seeing how certain bonds were formed before they were seen in the first arc. And, much like the prequel Star Wars films, knowing what happened before provides new enrichment to the previous stories.

Worth Your Time?

So, is this supplement to Star Wars Rebels worth your time? Truth be told, if you aren’t already watching Star Wars Rebels, you may find it difficult to care about the origins of a protagonist you know nothing of. That said, despite it being a mini-series, the comic does a great job of introducing the character of Kanan. You may even find yourself wanting to watch the series to see how things to turn out for our young hero. The first arc features a tone much like the original films, while the second arc has a tone with a feeling of the prequels. What I mean to say by that, is that this series most definitely has the feeling of Star Wars, even if the main character is not as well-known.


All in all, if you, like me are a diehard Star Wars fan, you won’t want to miss this well-told tale. But with many great Star Wars media coming out, I can only recommend this series to casual readers if they have already invested time with Star Wars Rebels. Trust me, there is no shortage of great Star Wars literature out or coming out.

Happy reading, and may the force be with you!kanan-the-last-padawan-star-wars

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