Review: Wretches: Issue #1 – A New Comic To Satisfy Your Scifi Needs

Review: Wretches: Issue #1 – A New Comic To Satisfy Your Scifi Needs

A promise… The simplest way to shut somebody up.” Wretches Issue #1 is the way to introduce a comic book series. This new Kickstarter funded comic by writer James. E. Roche takes a look at the constant struggle between sentient Robots and the Humans they’ve turned on, while focusing on the relationship of two siblings Shea and Sean who traverse this world as bounty hunters who can only count on one another. Check out my review for Issue #1 of Wretches.




One of the first things I noticed in reading through Wretches was how intricate and detailed the art was. Each frame within this comic book is packed with action. Whether it be action in the intensity of faces of the characters, or the literal kick ass portions of the comic, each cell is full of detail and wonder. Through the first issue we travel to different worlds, and each one has a unique feel and sense to it. The feel of these worlds is brought to life with the help of the amazing artwork by Salomon Farias and Chunlin Zhao. From alien planets full of life, to barren wastelands, each locale comes alive with each facet of color. The emotions the characters portray throughout the comic is front and center in each panel as well, as the detail provided to them is not to be missed. The art definitely takes this Kickstarter title to the next level.  Plus, there will be blood, and it is beautiful!

As for the story, it’s a unique start to a narrative with a theme we’ve heard before, but without the cliche of the genre. Wretches is the story of Humans v Robots, but after the first issue we’re shown that it’s definitely much more than that. We get a glimpse into the lives of this brother sister duo who we quickly recognize have seen worse days than the pretty bad spot they’re already in. We get images of the suffering they’ve been through, and how the choices they’ve made have brought them to the point they’re in. We watch as the story evolves into one of loss, where the world they inhabit and each one they visit is a reminder of the overarching theme of family and deprivation, and that’s all in the first issue.

The story is brilliantly told through a mixture of good writing and pristine visuals. We see Shea and Sean in the background of panels and we watch their younger selves struggle to survive, while the foreground presents us with present day bounty hunters who are no longer the homeless and starving children they once were. They have nothing to hold onto but each other. This theme is revisited with broken promises and bounty hunting littering the panels of each page.


The focal point of the first issue, and issues to come, is the story of these two siblings trying to survive in a war ravaged world where Robots and Humans collide in what seems to be a fight for control. The characters are easy to connect with within the first episode and it’s a promising feat, ensuring that future installments will follow the personal growth of Shea and Sean and the tragic backstory that brings them to life.

While there were a few moments where a bit of extra clean-up would have benefited the title, Wretches as a whole is fun and unique and a great place to start a new comic book series. It’ll leave you with high expectations for upcoming issues.


It may be hard to believe, but Wretches was a Kickstarter project started by James E. Roche. You can check out a preview of Wretches #1 for yourself at his official website HERE.

You can purchase the first issue of Wretches along with some merchandise and other titles from James E Roche HERE.

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