Dragonball Super Dub Premieres

The wait is finally over, Dragonball dub fans. The long-awaited dub of Dragonball Super has finally premiered on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. This, of course, carries significance. After all, most fans first viewed Dragonball Z on the original Toonami block back in the 90s. Many fans have most likely already viewed Super when the show came out in its original Japanese. I for one, constantly find myself watching many anime subbed. But for Dragonball, it is a different matter entirely.

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The Most Rad Gym Leaders in Pokemon

There are almost 50 gym leaders throughout the world of Pokemon. They all have their own specialty of typing; whether it may be water, fire, steel, or any of the other types of Pokemon. But these leaders aren’t just strong Pokemon trainers; they’re upstanding members of their community, heroes to children, and just someone to look up to. Lets go deeper and explore just what makes some of these gym leaders better than the others.


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Anime Top 5: Shocking Deaths

You ever been watching a nice anime and out of nowhere it blind sides you with a death. You’re just enjoying watching the drama or love going about on screen and bam next thing you know there’s blood everywhere. Well we have, and we’re counting down some of the character deaths that left us speechless or in a state of disbelief. Not the saddest by any means, but the most “WTF?! They died?!” type of sensation.

-The following article contains heavy spoilers, you have been warned.-

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