Dragonball Super Dub Premieres

The wait is finally over, Dragonball dub fans. The long-awaited dub of Dragonball Super has finally premiered on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. This, of course, carries significance. After all, most fans first viewed Dragonball Z on the original Toonami block back in the 90s. Many fans have most likely already viewed Super when the show came out in its original Japanese. I for one, constantly find myself watching many anime subbed. But for Dragonball, it is a different matter entirely.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Review

For years now, we’ve been served up annual Dragon Ball Z games that were increasingly dull rehashes of the epic moments from the Dragon Ball series. For some reason these games have been just lacking something for so long. Now, after waiting so long, a Dragon Ball game has come that has not only given us a chance to once again fight in the classic Dragon Ball universe, but also a new story that shows that there’s still room for more in the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is exactly what long time fans have needed.

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Anime Sunday – Favorite Anime Game – Dragonball Online

I’m a person who has been known to play MMO games and not get very far, or just get really bored after a while. In World of Warcraft, I gave up in the early 60’s range. With Neverwinter I never got very far, and even in these new MMO style games like Destiny I stop playing after a few weeks. There was one though, that kept me coming back for more all the time, until that dreadful day when it was shut down.

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