Dragonball Super Dub Premieres

The wait is finally over, Dragonball dub fans. The long-awaited dub of Dragonball Super has finally premiered on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. This, of course, carries significance. After all, most fans first viewed Dragonball Z on the original Toonami block back in the 90s. Many fans have most likely already viewed Super when the show came out in its original Japanese. I for one, constantly find myself watching many anime subbed. But for Dragonball, it is a different matter entirely.

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#AnimeSunday: Where Do You Get Your Anime From?

I know that each week we always talk about different experiences from anime, and we plug our favorites of this and that, as well as asking you all for your own. My question this week though, is where exactly do you all get your anime suggestions from? What websites, podcasts, forums and suggestion links do you all use to find your next favorite anime to recommend to your friends? Check out the article and be sure to help us out with letting us know where you find your suggestions.  Read more#AnimeSunday: Where Do You Get Your Anime From?

#AnimeSunday: A Bit More Melanin For Your Cosplay

This week I wanted to continue to celebrate Black History Month while creating a correlation with our Anime Sunday posts. So, what better way than giving readers a list of characters that aren’t the average light color, providing great contrast for cosplayers, especially those looking for a character that’s closer to their own skin color. So, here’s a list of anime characters that have a bit more melanin than the average, so take a look at some cool cosplayer characters that are a bit darker in skin tone than the average anime character.Read more#AnimeSunday: A Bit More Melanin For Your Cosplay

#AnimeSunday: The Best Reasons To Watch Anime!

Sometimes people wonder why I’m so obsessed with anime. There’s a good chance that the most intense anime fans have a list of readily prepared examples as to why they enjoy anime so much. For me, it’s become somewhat of a tradition between my friends and myself to watch and share different shows together. From classic titles like Inuyasha, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto to newer titles such as Parasyte, Assassination Classroom and One Punch Man there’s a ton of fun in anime, and even some life lessons. If you’re trying to convince a friend to join your viewing sessions or someone has asked just what it is that fascinates you about anime, direct them to my list here.Read more#AnimeSunday: The Best Reasons To Watch Anime!

#AnimeSunday: What Makes A Monster?

Tokyo Ghoul is literally the definition of a good question, which is what makes a monster. This week our theme was Anime monsters, and I think some of the scariest monsters are those that are hiding in plain sight. Tokyo Ghoul represents just this aspect in anime. These Ghouls are known to live among humans, and they’re known to have specific feeding habits, but the unpredictability of when and where they will strike and exactly who they are make them a terrifying monster to come up against. You still don’t believe me? Let me further explain then!Read more#AnimeSunday: What Makes A Monster?

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