Dragonball Super Dub Premieres

The wait is finally over, Dragonball dub fans. The long-awaited dub of Dragonball Super has finally premiered on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. This, of course, carries significance. After all, most fans first viewed Dragonball Z on the original Toonami block back in the 90s. Many fans have most likely already viewed Super when the show came out in its original Japanese. I for one, constantly find myself watching many anime subbed. But for Dragonball, it is a different matter entirely.

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Mario Makes His Way To The App Store

During the Apple event today, Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage to reveal ‘Super Mario Run’, a mobile Mario game that will be coming to Apple devices this December. The game is akin to Ubisoft’s mobile Rayman titles, as it is an “automatic runner”. The game is not going to be free-to-play; price will be announced before the game launches.Read moreMario Makes His Way To The App Store

The Green Lantern Powers are Awesome!

There are hundreds of different super powers in the comic world. Some are insane, others seem pretty weak, but which ones are the best? There’s super strength, psychics, speed, flight, and even simple powers like being able to regenerate quickly.  So the thought of just one being at your disposal turns in to an incredibly tough choice.  If there was any super power I would want, it would have to be the ability to create anything with my mind. Essentially, I’d like to be something like the Green Lantern.

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My Favorite Super Hero: Ultimate Spiderman

One of the hardest things to point out is favorites: game, movie, show, comic… or anything really. With so many things out there that are amazing, fun, catchy, and just so cool, it’s a nearly impossible to task for anyone, even me, to point out a favorite. So, when it came time to decide my favorite super hero, I couldn’t think of which one I liked the most. I think Green Lantern is pretty cool, the Guardians of the Galaxy are hilarious, and I think heroes without super powers like Batman and Iron Man are probably easier to relate to because… well, no powers.

In the end, I decided to go with the super hero that made me love all the typical comic book heroes. Not an original and no flying or lasers involved. Just my first one, because I wouldn’t love any other comics without it.

And that super hero would be, Ultimate Spider-man.Read moreMy Favorite Super Hero: Ultimate Spiderman

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