The Most Rad Gym Leaders in Pokemon

The Most Rad Gym Leaders in Pokemon

There are almost 50 gym leaders throughout the world of Pokemon. They all have their own specialty of typing; whether it may be water, fire, steel, or any of the other types of Pokemon. But these leaders aren’t just strong Pokemon trainers; they’re upstanding members of their community, heroes to children, and just someone to look up to. Lets go deeper and explore just what makes some of these gym leaders better than the others.


With Pokemon Sun and Moon taking out the 8 gym leader system that every game had before it; I found myself missing certain gym leaders of the past. Some of them just stood out to me in the games and in the anime as well. Here are the gym leaders that I found to be better than the rest in no particular order.


The 6th gym leader in the Johto region; the steel type user, Jasmine. Jasmine is my favorite trainer in the Gold/Silver/Crystal games. Something about her look and her Pokemon team called out to me. She uses a Steelix as her main Pokemon as well as an Ampharos and a Magnemite. She takes care of the lighthouse in Olivine city with the help of Ampharos; juggling the gym at the same time. Her Ampharos gets sick and it’s up to you to get the medicine in order to battle her and get that badge. She’s an honest person and truly cares for her Pokemon which makes her the best kind of trainer.



How could I make this list without including one of Ash’s best friends in the anime. Brock is the gym leader of Pewter City in the Kanto region. His goal is to become a world famous Pokemon breeder while learning all he can about the habits of Pokemon. He tends to act as the “father” of the group during the anime but also acts flirtatious towards every woman that he meets. Brock is the eldest sibling of a big group of kids. He’s had to act as the gym leader as well as take care of his little brothers and sisters. He specializes in rock types with Onix being the boss of his team.



She’s so creepy! Sabrina is a psychic type gym leader who lives in Saffron City. Bulbapedia states that “Sabrina is known as “The Master of Psychic Pokémon”, she has had psychic powers ever since she was a child, when she accidentally bent a spoon. She apparently dislikes battling, but is hard to beat because she can communicate with her Pokémon telepathically. Her fame has grown so much that even Trainers living in the Sevii Islands have heard of her. Previously there were two Gyms in Saffron City, a Fighting-type Gym, and a Psychic-type Gym. Sabrina used her advantage to defeat the rival Gym and strip them of their Gym status”. In the anime, she feels super lonely and tries to make Ash and friends play with her forever. She turns them into dolls and Ash has to catch a Haunter to defeat her powerful Kadabra.



A respected Gym leader, teacher, and quite a fashion icon if I do say so myself. Roxanne is the first leader in the Hoenn region who specializes in rock Pokemon. She teaches at a school in Rustboro city; showing people how to use and battle with Pokemon. Sometimes being a teacher hampers her ability to accept challenges unfortunately. She pushes herself to be the best that she can be but can never put her all into either job. She cares for all of the trainers and Pokemon that she meets in her life.



The bird user taking flight into the world

Winona is the 6th leader to be fought in the Hoenn region. She specializes in Flying-type Pokemon and is a very passionate trainer. Her bond with flying-type Pokemon is so strong that she claims to have “become one with Bird Pokemon”. Her flagship Pokemon is Skarmory; a Steel/Flying type. Winona occasionally offers rides to the locals, especially during the carnivals that happen in Fortree city.



The electric gym leader of Sunyshore city in the Sinnoh region, Volkner. Over time, he started to become apathetic towards battling trainers and ended up just giving away badges without any proper Pokemon battles. He forgot the reason that he wanted to be a gym leader until he met Ash; who rekindled his love for battling. He saw his former self in Ash; his motivation and love for his Pikachu reminded Volkner how he used to be. Ash gave him a battle to remember and made him that strong gym leader that he needed to be.


Cilan, Chili, and Cress

The first time in gym battle history where you can pick which leader to fight. Cilan, Cress, and Chili use Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. These are three different monkey Pokemon that are grass, water, and fire types. Cilan, Chili, and Cress are all waiters at their gym which is also a restaurant. Who wouldn’t want to watch a gym battle while also eating some classy food? Cilan decides to join Ash and Iris on their adventure throughout the Unova region while trying to become a world class Pokemon connoisseur. A triple threat these guys are sure to be once you get to Striaton city.




Another one of Ash’s companions during his travels throughout the Kalos region, Clement. Ash has a habit of finding gym leaders to follow him around on his journey to become a Pokemon master. Clement is an inventor and a gym leader in Lumiose city. He uses Electric type Pokemon and runs the gym with his kid sister, Bonnie. He deeply cares for his sister and wants to be the best inventor that he can be.


Let us know who your favorite gym leaders are in the Pokemon world!

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