Warner Bros. Is Working On Live Action Bleach Movie

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  1. I HOPE THIS IS SOME RUMOR BECAUSE …. NEVER MAKE AN ANIME INTO A LIVE ACTION MOVIE. ITS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO . I LOVE BLEACH SO MUCH AND I AM ACTUALLY NOT HAPPY TO HEAR THIS . I HOPE THEY STOP AND LIKE IT WAS SAID IN THE THING I JUST READ , BRING BACK THE ANIME !!!!!!!!!! I am sad it was canceled and many people like me who love bleach so much would want them to bring back the anime . it was better being left alone after it was canceled it wasn’t good it was canceled but at least PLEASE NEVER MAKE A LIVE ACTION MOVIE OR LIVE ACTION ANYTHING ITS ANIME AND MANGA FOR A REASON UUUGGGHHHH

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    everyone will think I’m overdramatic but I really love bleach its the first anime I started watching and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. Its something I really like and it makes me happy when I watch it we all have a way if escape and this is what it is for me (and music) but I just really really love bleach and I hate to see this happen.

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